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Implementation planning

Smooth transition

The main objective during implementation is to create a smooth and seamless transition from your current systems over to Chorus, and to help reduce the disruption that this can cause. This important phase will be project managed by a designated person whereby communication and support is paramount. 

How long does it take?

The time it takes to implement Chorus into your business will be up to you. After the first consultation meeting you will know how long it will take and how the transition will be broken up into phases. The majority of our implementations follow the steps below:

The Plan Outline


Phase 1 - Design your plan

We will work with you to design an implementation plan to suit you and your time restraints. This consultation meeting will identify the main areas of the system and how each area can be completed and phased in over a period of time. Recommendations will be suggested for completing the project on-time. 


Phase 2 - Prepare your data

Prior to being uploaded into Chorus, your employee information must be attached onto our Chorus data loader which we will provide for you. Once the information has been checked and uploaded into Chorus, we will produce a report for you to show any missing information across your employee database.


Phase 3 - Return the data loader

Once you have populated the Chorus data loader, you will be given clear instructions how to send it back to us securely through your new Chorus system. Once received, we allow up to 5 days to populate the system, verify employee information and test the system.


Phase 4 - The hand-over

After 5 days, the system is ready to be handed over to you. Training takes place where we introduce you to the main features of Chorus and show you how to carry out all the functions you need to get going and complete the phase set out in your plan. Training can be carried out over the internet or face-to-face.


Phase 5 - Rolling out to managers

Depending on the size of your organisation, we recommend the system is rolled out to your managers first. Part of the implementation costs is for training managers and team leaders so we can either visit or carry out web training so your managers don't need to move from their desks.


Phase 6 - Introducing your employees

From experience, employees who are introduced to Chorus by their managers pick it up quickly regardless of their IT ability. Chorus has been designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use but if there are training needs that the managers are unable to fulfil, extra training can be arranged on-site or over the web.


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