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Our story

From a simple idea, we have created a way that makes it easier for businesses to focus their time building relationships with their people. We are designing a simpler HR software utility at the same time.

Chorus-HR began with an unfair dismissal case

Fourteen years ago, Customer Services Director Bridget Stidworthy ran a construction company in Cheshire. It was a company that prided itself on a high standard of workmanship and a high caliber of worker. 

The recruitment however was a headache and after struggling to find the right kind of person with the correct skills, it was decided to just solely concentrate on finding the right kind of person whom could then be trained, developed and armed with all the necessary skills needed to help drive the company forward. 

The plan was a success and after achieving Investors in People, the company's profits increased whilst at the same time developing a culture that encouraged people to have their say and develop their strengths. 

However, there were inefficiencies in how the business was run. Monitoring skills, training, holidays, absences, expenses, policies and health and safety was carried out using a series of spreadsheets which always took an inordinate amount of time to try and keep up-to-date. 

It wasn't until employee 'M' informed the company that he wanted to leave and unusually (and rather suspiciously in retrospect) requested he was 'sacked' so that he didn't lose his flat, did this inefficient way of handling the workforce without technology become most pronounced. Before Bridget knew it, 'M' had sent a letter demanding to know why the company had sacked him with no prior warning. 

After some weeks of legal wrangling, it was evident there were holes in the company's procedures on two counts; (a) the first being the lack of evidence that 'M' had read the employee handbook and (b) the disciplinary process that was in full swing due to a performance issue, had not been timed correctly. Regardless of whether 'M' had been unfairly dismissed or not was not an issue but those two errors alone cost the company nearly £4,000 in an out-of-court settlement. 

Jump forward 9 years and Bridget was headhunted by Aquarium-Software in Cheshire, to develop their new HR software. Using the skills, insights and previous errors that Bridget had experienced, she built a system that provides a full set of HR procedures from recruitment all the way through to terminating an employee. 

With a system that effortlessly manages employee transactions and with the added benefits of being able to fully audit an employee's record to see which documents have been read (or ignored), has been a hit with small and medium sized businesses in the UK and Ireland. 

The ethos of Chorus HR is that every business should have access to the correct procedures and processes to enable them to deal with their workforce safely and with confidence, and that Bridget comments, is exactly what she could have done with all those years ago. 

What we believe

As we are in an industry that is full of increasingly complex employment law and complicated software systems, we are taking a completely different approach to that by thoughtfully transforming an HR service, linked to technology, that allows business owners to focus on what really matters. We are constantly improving how Chorus operates because only great companies can build great products and services. We are building a network by collaborating with a community that is made up of our customers, partners and HR experts for the benefit of all.

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