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Workflows, documents and HR processes

Employment legislation is becoming increasingly more complex and it is very easy to make a decision that can cost your business a lot of money in litigation. We have built workflows to help you navigate around these complicated areas.


HR Processes

Included in Chorus is a set of workflows that have been designed to guide you carefully through HR processes following best practise every step of the way. They have been written by HR experts who monitor and update them as employment legislation changes.


We have built workflows illustrating best practice for the following HR processes:



Recruit your staff using the recruitment workflow which has been designed to guide you through from first interview to hiring for the post. 


Inducting staff using this workflow will ensure that you meet all the expected legal requirements such as checking your employee's eligibility to work in the UK.


Using the training process will ensure that staff development is used to attract and retain the right people.


Understanding how to handle a grievance correctly will help you to sort any issues out professionally and correctly by following this process.


Whether you have a misconduct or performance issue on your hands, Chorus will lead you through an HR process that can be a minefield if not carried out correctly.


Ensuring the correct process is followed for an employee leaving your company is imperative and Chorus will guide you through redundancy, resignation and failed probation with care.


Documents & forms included

Chorus provides you with HR and legally binding documents that are produced automatically as you progress through the different HR workflows. All documents can be edited by you and are fully populated with the relevant employee information. These documents will be replaced and updated as legislation changes.

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