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People Management

Holidays, absences, birthdays, bank holidays, mandatory holidays and timesheets all in one place

You're in complete control of who can see what

See the employment record but don't show salaries, don't show personal contact details but allow access to the training folder. It's your call.

As the administrator of Chorus, you can grant powers to anyone to be able to see as little or as much as you want them to of their own employment record, or their subordinate's employment record.

We won't charge you for extra modules, we'll just give them to you

Use what you need to run your department in the way you want and just switch off the rest.

Day and hour holiday entitlement

Chorus automatically calculates employee entitlement and is shown in hours or days, making it just as easy for part time workers, shift workers and flexible workers. As every request is approved, Chorus calculates in real time.

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