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Information in, reports out

Chorus reporting is quick to run and is easy to manipulate the data into a format that suits you. Interrogate the real-time data and have the right information when you need it. 


Management Information charts

Informative MI charts that present key statistics crucial for business insight and intelligence. View salary and overtime costs, employee demographics, Bradford Factor scores, expense costs and a range of holiday and absence information. Real-time graphics that capture information that can help steer your business and spot worrying trends early.


Hard-coded reports

These pre-configured reports allow on-screen filtering and data interrogation which can then be downloaded to a spreadsheet. With clearly defined folders and date range filters, reporting is quick, efficient and easy. The data in the reports will be limited depending on the access level of the person running it. 

Export reports

Choose a report format that suits you, your senior managers and your team. All reports can be viewed online, saved to your local drive or exported to MS Excel, CSV and PDF formats. 

Data mining

The advanced search function allows you to define your own searches so that you can find specific information about your employees. For example, you might want to find an employee who lives in a certain area, someone who speaks Albanian or produce a list of all managers and their subordinates.

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