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Absence Management

Organisations recognise the significant costs associated with employee absence. Chorus HR takes the administrative burden away giving you the tools to spot exactly where the problem areas lie. 


Global absence view

From the company calendar, there is a clear view of all absences and holidays that can be filtered by office, department, teams or by individual employees. Access to all absence related documentation such as return to work forms that the employee has uploaded through their self-service portal, ensures everything is kept in one place. 


Bradford Factor score

Short, frequent absences are more disruptive than long periods of absence. With the Bradford Factor score available in every employee self service portal, absenteeism is proactively deterred. Identifying areas of staff absence problems across your offices, departments and across your entire company can be spotted with ease. 

Easy view for managers

Managers can view their entire department at a glance so they can approve or reject any requests, ensuring correct staffing levels are maintained. With access to Bradford Factor scoring, remaining holiday entitlements and conflicts, responding to requests for time off can be carried out competently in seconds.

Instant email alerts

Configure Chorus to send daily pending request alerts to managers, to ensure leave requests are never forgotten. Quick links are available to update all approved leave to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple iCal to keep you fully in the picture whatever device you choose to use. 

Employee absence & holidays

The employee self-service function enables employees to check their holiday entitlement and any possible conflicts before requesting time off. Giving the employee the responsibility to upload documents supporting their absence, helps saves time managing absenteeism across the company. 

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