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Does your workforce earn a living?

Are your employees worried about making ends meet? If they are, so what?

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Employee Benefits

Once seen as a way of rewarding staff or, going further back, as dutiful provisions by paternal employers, employee benefits are widely varied and can make a big difference in retaining the services of key people.

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Working in a Ghost Town?

There’s a new phenomenon reported in the CIPD’s People Management magazine: ghosting. Do you know what it is?

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Harassment Reporting Apps and HR

Workplace harassment is a hot topic, particularly since the #MeToo movement. Can harassment reporting apps help stamp it out?

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Can your managers manage their non-verbal communication?

Communication is a fundamental element of being a manager. However, it is also important to think about the other ways in which we communicate

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Is anybody watching me online?

Did you know 70% of job hunters are now checking out potential employers online?

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Talent Management in SMEs

Often seen as a concern of large, corporate organisations, talent management is equally important to SMEs, potentially the difference between a struggling and a thriving business.

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Part-time rights in the workplace

Does working a part-time job make you feel like a second class citizen?

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When will HR be artificially intelligent?

Recent news articles from The Guardian, Business Insider and CNBC, among others, are predicting that artificial intelligence will create more jobs for people than it takes away (though probably not the same jobs, nor for the same people).

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Is it safe to come out … ?

How employers can support LGBT staff members

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