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“We don’t need an HR system, we have you!”

We all know how difficult it is nowadays to encourage the Board to spend money on internal systems, let alone those designed to help the HR department.

So, here are our Top 10 ways for the Board to understand that HR software is key to the future function of people management – (in your own words of course!)

1.     Enhanced productivity improves operational effectiveness

  • As you know high performing, innovative and well motivated employees are fundamental to any business. 
  • With an HR system you can facilitate efficiency through a series of induction, recruitment, retention, appraisal and capability processes. 
  • Your employees will have clarity on the overall business objectives and goals and will know what is expected of them

2.     Automating manual tasks drives efficiencies

  • Increased communication between your department and employees is difficult to achieve when struggling against a tide of paperwork.
  • You will be able to track employee attendance and take control of holiday and leave management without scheduling conflicts.
  • The system will allow you to keep up with real-time staff availability for optimum workforce planning

3.     Management Information 

  • An HR system will produce key statistics and pre-configured reports for the directors and management team - crucial for business insight and intelligence in helping to steer the company.
  • It will monitor training action, equal opportunities and ensure you are fully compliant.
  • Providing detailed employee analysis, you can quickly spot and take action on emerging trends such as sickness absence.

4.     Triggered Actions

  • An HR system will automate reminders for you and members of staff on important events such as end of probation periods, new starter dates, appraisals due, training sessions and retirements. 
  • You can throw away those jotter notes or ‘stickies’ that get lost or forgotten.          

5.     Keeps data in one place

  • The wealth of information that you will need access to can be stored centrally for quick retrieval.
  • You will be able to manage the welfare of employees with accurate record keeping.

6.     Up-to-date legislation

  • Changes in legislation and benefits are regularly updated, reducing the risk of getting it wrong and saving time and cost in expensive external advice.

7.     Enhanced decision making

  • Your decision making will become effortless as accurate and instant data will take the headache out of compiling information.

8.     Integration with other business systems

  • You can achieve better functionality and lower risk by integrating with other systems such as payroll.

9.     Less financial outlay than expected

  • Investing in HR software will not cost the company a fortune. 
  • Nowadays there is no need to invest in expensive hardware or license fees due to the advent of web based software.  A fully flexible system will adapt as your organisation grows.
  • Keeping a watchful eye on budgets in this current climate is understood, however, the Board should consider the wider picture and take into account the long-term benefits that an HR system will bring.

10.     Major strategic impact

  • Your role as an HR professional in today’s modern world involves a more comprehensive approach to the management of people and to developing systems and processes that address the needs of the business.
  • You need to concentrate on the strategic direction of the business and focus on value-enhancing activities.
  • Without process driven HR software, it would be impossible for you to fulfill this task.

Approach the Board well armed and well prepared.  There are plenty of independent case studies and CIPD statistics to demonstrate how HR systems support the HR function within businesses, reduce risk and even save money. If you need some examples - we can help.

So next time a Director says, “We don’t need an HR system, we have you!” your answer will be, “Exactly and that’s why we need an HR system”.      

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