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Can your managers manage… recruitment?

The recruitment process can be simple, but is often lengthy with several stages and can be off-putting. Do you know what the best recruitment options are?

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Anonymity Orders

If you’ve ever been party to an Employment Tribunal case, you’ll know that, win or lose, there can be negative consequences to just being involved.

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More Fake CVs…

Highlighting the issue of fake reference services who masquerade as past employers for job applicants looking to hide their career gaps.

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Employing the Self-Employed

These days pretty much every workforce is flexible, agile, or non-traditional in some way. Certainly, the era of everyone being 9-5 full-timers is gone.

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Discrimination is easier than you think

A recent CIPD report has found that the careers of one in three black, Asian and minority ethnic workers have been affected by discrimination.

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Can your managers manage … managing upward?

Ever cast your eye up the management chain, looked at those above and thought they may be just a tiny bit less than perfect sometimes?

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Conversations without prejudice

When there is a dispute with between employer and employee, a conversation can be had 'without prejudice', and should lead to an honest solution...

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Can your managers manage … problem solving?

In most jobs, the work is routine from day to day, but every now and then, a problem arises that requires a fresh approach.

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Dealing with seasonal stress

How to deal with seasonal strain and those 'difficult' colleagues and customers

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Do you have a coaching culture in your business?

Simple but effective actions for encouraging a coaching culture in your business.

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