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Can your managers manage delegation? Part 2

The definition of delegation, golden rules and pitfalls and factors that may make a manager reluctant to delegate.

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Can your managers manage delegation? Part 1

Delegation is an essential facet of the manager’s art. Overwhelmed by a to-do list? Wondering how colleagues always go home on time?

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Carers' Rights and Flexible Working

Approximately one in eight people in the UK have some sort of caring responsibilities. Most are parents caring for children, but others are looking after parents, siblings with disabilities or another close family member requiring care

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Workers’ rights and the Good Work Plan

As lawyers issue warnings about the weakening of UK employment law post-Brexit and predict confusion in the courts, the government is moving forward with its Good Work Plan.

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Are your people keen learners?

Are they learning new knowledge and skills that will push your business forward?

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How to handle difficult employees in the workplace

An important skill in management is handling people who are difficult. It’s possible to do so skilfully and achieve a harmonious result but let’s face it, by its very nature the situation is not easy, and it’s a rare manager or boss or HR practitioner who finds it enjoyable.

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Does your workforce earn a living?

Are your employees worried about making ends meet? If they are, so what?

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Employee Benefits

Once seen as a way of rewarding staff or, going further back, as dutiful provisions by paternal employers, employee benefits are widely varied and can make a big difference in retaining the services of key people.

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Working in a Ghost Town?

There’s a new phenomenon reported in the CIPD’s People Management magazine: ghosting. Do you know what it is?

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Harassment Reporting Apps and HR

Workplace harassment is a hot topic, particularly since the #MeToo movement. Can harassment reporting apps help stamp it out?

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