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Workers’ rights and the Good Work Plan

As lawyers issue warnings about the weakening of UK employment law post-Brexit and predict confusion in the courts, the government is moving forward with its Good Work Plan.

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Are your people keen learners?

Are they learning new knowledge and skills that will push your business forward?

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How to handle difficult employees in the workplace

An important skill in management is handling people who are difficult. It’s possible to do so skilfully and achieve a harmonious result but let’s face it, by its very nature the situation is not easy, and it’s a rare manager or boss or HR practitioner who finds it enjoyable.

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Does your workforce earn a living?

Are your employees worried about making ends meet? If they are, so what?

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Employee Benefits

Once seen as a way of rewarding staff or, going further back, as dutiful provisions by paternal employers, employee benefits are widely varied and can make a big difference in retaining the services of key people.

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Working in a Ghost Town?

There’s a new phenomenon reported in the CIPD’s People Management magazine: ghosting. Do you know what it is?

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Harassment Reporting Apps and HR

Workplace harassment is a hot topic, particularly since the #MeToo movement. Can harassment reporting apps help stamp it out?

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Can your managers manage their non-verbal communication?

Communication is a fundamental element of being a manager. However, it is also important to think about the other ways in which we communicate

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Is anybody watching me online?

Did you know 70% of job hunters are now checking out potential employers online?

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Talent Management in SMEs

Often seen as a concern of large, corporate organisations, talent management is equally important to SMEs, potentially the difference between a struggling and a thriving business.

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