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Hanging Onto Your Youth

Retaining young talent When it comes to recruitment, it might seem like an employer’s market at the moment, especially with regard to younger employees. After all, the latest UK figures show unemployment rising to 2.62 million in November. That’s a lot of people looking for work and as an employer you could be forgiven for thinking you hold all the cards. However, before you get too complacent…

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Protected Conversations

‘Protected Conversations’ - Whatever happened to trust? Autumn 2011 seems to be a busy time for employment law, what with proposed new legislation, impending consultations and the now-infamous leaked Beecroft Report (from which, incidentally, the Cabinet seems to be distancing itself – conspiracy theorists take note). One proposal which allegedly has worked well in France for years but which…

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Flexible Working

Small Business = Low Tech? Bending with the wind of change… First a caveat. Any research commissioned by a major telecommunications company that leads to a conclusion that small businesses should invest in more technology has to be viewed as a little biased. At the very least, there’s no getting away from the vested interest. However, so long as we keep that in mind, O2’s recent research into…

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Generation Y

The Generation Game - the four contestants in the workplace X, Y, …Z? Here’s a thought: successfully managing people is about knowing what you want from them, what they want from you, and then finding ways to make those two sets of needs as complementary as possible. Here’s another: “There was no respect for youth when I was young, and now that I am old, there is no respect for age –…

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Why SMEs Are Wary of Performance Management

Why SMEs Reject Performance Management A lot of small businesses feel no need for any sort of performance management system. In fact, if they give it a thought at all, many of them actively shy away from it. It involves a lot of conversations with staff, it creates expectations, it means identifying in concrete terms  what each job should contribute to the success of the business at the end of the…

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