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Exercise at Work

Most people, however reluctantly, accept that exercise is good for you but is it good for business? Well, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) would have us believe so and 19th June 2012 was Workout at Work Day. Did you miss it? Hundreds of physiotherapists ran events in different workplaces, encouraging staff to be more active and to demonstrate ways to include exercise into even the most…

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The Dangerous Attraction of No-Fault Dismissals

Despite much talk of being quietly shelved by the Coalition, the proposed no-fault dismissals are still in the news. A core element of the latest raft of economy-boosting, workplace-transforming measures outlined in the much-leaked Beecroft Report on employment law, the idea is to reduce or even obviate the need for an employer to provide reasons for dismissal. It appears that the underlying thinking…

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Football and The Olympics - UK Pride or National Distraction?

In just a few short weeks, the ‘summer of sport’ begins.First, anyone with the vaguest interest in the “beautiful game” will be tuning in to the European Football Championships, and then after the final penalty shoot-out, it’s the London/UK-hosted Olympics. And all this in the same year that an extra bank holiday is doled out for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.Whether the prospect of all…

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Two Views on the Seldon Age Discrimination Case

  Insofar as any HR-related story can be termed headline-grabbing, the Seldon case (Seldon -v- Clarkson Wright and Jakes) has achieved a certain media renown – or notoriety, depending on your viewpoint – with a number of broadsheet headlines: The Independent: “Lawyer loses retirement age appeal” In the Telegraph: “Will the Seldon case bring back forced retirement?” The Guardian: “Age discrimination…

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Two Learning and Development Questions. Can You Answer Them?

  A question: “What is H&M?” If you answered, a Swedish chain of clothes shops then you may be further behind the curve on learning & development (L&D) than the CIPD thinks you are. Out of Date Learning Tools? The CIPD Learning and Talent Development Survey 2012, found that more than half of L&D specialists are still using Belbin Team Roles and Honey and Mumford Learning Styles Questionnaires. While…

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Top 5 Steps to Making an HR Impact in an SME

The role of HR in an SME is always a tricky balancing act. Often the whole HR function is invested in a single individual, sometimes it is just a part of their role and can be pushed to one side in the face of more immediate priorities.  If the company is lucky enough (?) to have an HR Director, the perception of the rest of the management team or Board with regard to that persons contribution to…

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Obesity in the Workplace

A recent European Commission report has decided that the UK is the most overweight country in Europe and the CIPD’s People Management magazine has taken the opportunity to dig out an old 2007 Department of Health review that tagged obesity as responsible for 16 million days of certified sick absence (totalling £1.3-£1.6 billion of lost earnings, apparently). Evidence suggests that employers may…

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Part-Time Working On the Increase

Part-time workers are ‘in the news’ at the moment. Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that record numbers of people are now working part-time. However, unlike in the past, when shorter hours were often sought to fit family commitments, lifestyle choices, etc., more and more workers are now taking part-time contracts because they can’t find full-time jobs in the…

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Changing Britain: Workforce Evolution

It’s Diamond Jubilee year and to honour the occasion (sort of) the CIPD have compiled a report entitled Britain at Work in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II which charts the changes wrought on the workforce by the digital revolution, globalisation, European legislation, the demise of industry and… wait for it… the rise of human resources. So with no doubt mixed feelings of rueful nostalgia and…

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Pay and Reward in 2012

Recent article in People Management magazine titled, Cutting pay is not the way to improve performance. Probably not, but many UK businesses have focussed on the pay bill as a somewhat essential survival tactic. The question is, how long term a solution can it be? Of course, in many cases, we’re not talking about actually reducing the amount on the payslip. More often, it’s a case of a pay freeze…

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