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What is the Bradford Factor and how can it help me manage absenteeism?

It is well recognised that repeated short-term absences from members of staff tend to be more disruptive to an organisation than single incidences of prolonged absence. Find out how Chorus can help.

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The benefits of using web-based HR software

Using the right tools in the HR department can secure the future of your business. That's if you can convince the Board to make the investment that is.

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“We don’t need an HR system, we have you!”

Do you work in HR? Convincing the Board of Directors to invest in internal HR systems can be an uphill struggle. Use our top 10 reasons to help convince them.

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Criticism From The Fringe

There was a curious article recently on the People Management website. It quotes Labour MP John Mann from a fringe session at the party conference in Brighton with suggestions for creating a culture change in our board rooms.

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The True Cost of Not Training Managers

When you promote somebody to a management role or just ask them to take on a few supervisory duties, it can be so tempting to drop someone in at the deep end trusting them to get the hang of it. However, this can more more damaging than you think...

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Top 4 Errors of Implementing New HR Software

When it comes to a new HRMS often the focus is on two areas: first, choosing the right software in the first place; and second, taking care of the technical aspects of installing it. However, the part of the project most likely to trip you up is the people side of things.

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Getting Engaged

A recent CIPD press release (4thJanuary 2013) pointed out that countless studies have illustrated the competitive-edge that can be achieved with an engaged workforce and goes on to state that, “the engagement debate is shifting fromwhy it matters to what can be done about it.” For those less interested in the whys and wherefores and who want practical action, this is – of course – good news. A recent…

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Another Apprenticeships Review

In mid-November, the onlineHR Magazine cited the 20% youth unemployment rate (still far below the 50+% in Euro-neighbours such as Spain but still not good at all, economy-wise) that is costing the UK in the region of £25 billion, according to the Audit Commission. It then went on to imply that apprenticeships are the answer to the problem. Apprenticeship barriers HR Magazine has recently taken to…

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Does Absence Make the Budget Grow Smaller?

The year 2012 saw some interesting (and not necessarily congruent) figures being published regarding the cost of employee absence to the UK economy. An article in the Telegraph cited research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) placing the annual cost at £3.1bn for the private sector and £3.4bn for the public. However, the 2012 CBI Absence Survey calculated a figure of £17 billion.…

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Five HR Resolutions for 2013

As we dust ourselves down after the (at times) traumatic business year that was 2012, it’s time to look ahead to the fresh year and think, onward and upward…, or to put it another way, if we want each HR year to be better than the last we need to ask ourselves, what next? As with any other aspect of life, work, business or market gardening, there are plenty of New Year resolutions on offer; here…

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