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Here Comes Summer

How does British Summer Time really affect productivity?

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How do your people invest their energy?

Manage change through the application of energy.

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The art of recruiting and keeping it fresh

Hints and tips on recruitment techniques for HR Professionals

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Big Data – HR is stepping up

Are HR Departments on-board with 'Big Data' or sinking in the rising wave?

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Love At Work - Teamworking and Beyond

It is a predictable eventuality in any office or workspace that sooner or later, two people within it will be attracted to each other. But should this be a problem?

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How much do you know about The Equality Act?

As an employer you need to understand the Equality Act. This article covers what you need to know, but don't be too put off. The reality is that if you think and act fairly you won't go far wrong.

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How Social Are You?

The CIPD has looked at the way businesses use social media and finds that the true picture is perhaps slightly different to how it has been portrayed.

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Social Media and HR

Social media is fast, sometimes fun and to many, frightening. It's time to face your fear...

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What to do When the Talent Pool Thaws Out?

According to the CIPD, job seeking activity is at its highest in the UK since 2011.

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Are Your Staff Keeping Secrets And Does It Matter?

We all like to think we are open and honest people, and hopefully toiling away in an open and honest workplace. But as a wise person probably should have said, wherever there is someone to talk to, there is a secret to be kept.

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