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Casual Training

What’s the advantage of using a contractor or casual worker instead of hiring an employee?

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Vegans and vegetarians and discrimination at work

Are vegans and vegetarians protected against discrimination at work?

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What are words worth?

The last time you recruited a new hire, how much thought did you put into the job advert? What words did you use to describe this scintillating opportunity for some lucky job hunter?

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Do your people have ‘good’ jobs?

Quality of work. It’s a big factor in employee satisfaction and engagement and in turn, an influence on your business’s performance.

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Employee Engagement Surveys – the importance of practical action

Ever asked your people how they’re doing, what they think of your workplace, how they feel about their employer?

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Can your managers manage work-life balance?

Whether it’s a strong career focus, a workplace crisis, or simply not wanting to go home at the end of the day… work-life balance is a tricky feat to pull off...

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A pain-free workplace Christmas

The December holidays can be a lot of fun – definitely an opportunity at the end of a long year to let the hair down a little. And yet....

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It's official, you're a good employer!

Are you? How do you know? Your reputation as an employer is for others to judge (fairly or otherwise...)

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Social media at work

It’s a wonder anyone posts anything on social media given the potential backlash. Here's some pointers on how to avoid the backlash!

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Recruiting the next generation

Recruiting the next generation - do you have a social conscience?

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