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How to spot a 'workplace ready' graduate

Graduates often fall short at interview as they have the qualifications, but lack the experience needed to get the job!

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Professional HR for small businesses

If you’re a small business, managing human resources can be a challenge.

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Are interns workers?

Your workforce is a key factor in 2020 business strategies. But are interns workers?

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Can your managers manage ... remote working?

99% of employees have said that they would like to work remotely, at least some of the time.

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What is financial wellbeing and why should employers care?

A couple of months ago, we touched on the topic of financial wellbeing, based on a CIPD report that illustrated concerns employees have about personal money matters and what employers can do to support them.

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Workplace Inclusion

In HR, it’s often a case of another day, another buzzword. And as UK business still struggles with diversity and representation, the goalposts are shifting and this particular ‘buzzword’ has a lot of sense on its side.

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Casual Training

What’s the advantage of using a contractor or casual worker instead of hiring an employee?

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Vegans and vegetarians and discrimination at work

Are vegans and vegetarians protected against discrimination at work?

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What are words worth?

The last time you recruited a new hire, how much thought did you put into the job advert? What words did you use to describe this scintillating opportunity for some lucky job hunter?

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Do your people have ‘good’ jobs?

Quality of work. It’s a big factor in employee satisfaction and engagement and in turn, an influence on your business’s performance.

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