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BREXIT and Employment Law

After BREXIT what will happen to UK employment law, if anything?

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Easing the pain of laying off staff

You’re at that point when the only viable solution to ensure survival of your business is to let staff go. It’s a painful situation and usually a last resort, after all other measures have been taken to reduce costs. This can be an even more challenging situation for SMEs, as often the relationship with co-workers is close enough to resemble family. Here are five ways of easing the pain lay-offs…

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Brexit – keep calm and carry on

What does Brexit mean for small businesses and what should you be doing as an employer?

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Caring responsibilities

Hanging on to valuable staff who have 'caring responsibilities'.

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Should I stay or should I go?

What will happen to employment law after Thursday's vote?

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Choosing the right appraisal for your business

Finding the right type of appraisal for your business is key, but just what are the choices?

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Should HR carry a health warning?

Threats to HR professionals are on the increase - will zero tolerance put pay to unwanted behaviour?

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Team briefing in SMEs

Can an SME benefit from a more rigid process of communication? Why team briefings are useful in smaller organisations.

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Statutory time off

With holiday time fast approaching - how much time are we legally entitled to take?

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Our HR Software – it’s more than just a process!

Our HR software is not a 'silo process' - it can and should be part of your entire organisation's IT systems

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